Yoga Therapy & Bodywork (YTB)


Join us on Thursday evenings for workshops by donation to explore different new and exiting movement therapies.

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Welcome to Yoga Therapy and Bodywork- Where people come to keep moving! We are Calgary’s home of integrated movement and physical therapies. Join our small community of progressive mobility.  Whether you are looking to work on advanced yoga postures with one of  Calgary’s most dedicated, reputable and experienced senior teachers – Danielle Pechie, or looking for a way to transcend daily postural and mobility issues that keep you seeking chiropractic care and physical therapy.

Our Studio

Yoga Therapy and Bodywork (YTB) is a style of yoga developed over 22 years of study in the fields of biomechanics, sports therapy, yoga and massage therapy….

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About Us

Enhancing your movement repertoire one day at a time. Yoga Therapy and Bodywork was created in 2001 out of a need, a need for the continued study…

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Advanced Asana

“Yoga is skill in action” The Bagavad Gita Through the slowing down of movement and important  movement connections, over years of dedicated practice elegance is achieved. The…

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Critical Alignment

As anyone who attends yoga classes these days knows it has become a quantity over quality issue in many studios. Also because of the drop in all…

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