Advanced Asana

“Yoga is skill in action” The Bagavad Gita

Through the slowing down of movement and important  movement connections, over years of dedicated practice elegance is achieved.

The average age in my advanced asana classes is over 50. My most advanced students are the ones who commit to self study- looking at where they are stuck, what stops them from moving and why. As we move into the popularization of yoga in the west, I am constantly hearing that yoga isn’t only about postures. While of course this is true, asana is the 3rd limb of Patanjali’s 8 limbed path. The body is our personal vehicle. All of the experiences and interactions we have, the way we perceive the world and the people around us is through the context of our physical being.

Initially there were no “advanced : classes on my schedule- these ongoing advanced classes are the result of teaching a consistent and dedicated group of eager students from the very beginning. What started as level 1 became level 2 and then intermediate and finally advanced asana classes. I firmly believe that as the Bagavad Gita states- Yoga is skill in action. As fear and obstruction is released we move into the possible.

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