Class Descriptions

2018 Fall Schedule Class descriptions- Effective Oct 1 – Dec 23, 2018
Please note all weekday daytime classes are cancelled From July 2-13th!

Re-Align Your Spine – A gentle class with a focus on releasing tension through breath and awareness. Yoga props will be used to help invite awareness and introduce healthy spinal and joint movement. 

Mat Pilates & Yoga Fusion – STOTT PILATES is a contemporary approach to the traditional Pilates
method that focuses on core stability (including pelvic and shoulder girdle stabilization), neutral alignment and breathing. This class combines mat STOTT PILATES with the latest core conditioning exercises and Critical Alignment Yoga in order for students to maximize on the benefits of these practices. Strength and flexibility with proper body alignment and the use of breath are the goals of this class. Props are used to support and challenge movement. 

Deep Release and Meditation — Exactly what you need mid week to finish off your day. Settle into a warm studio and move your body with loving gentle kindness. under expert guidance. Finish the class with a short meditation to renew and relax. 

Yoga Lab for Backs – Learn how to approach yoga postures with specific movement and alignment connections. Address old habits and challenge your mind and body to redefine your movement patterns. Myofascial ball rolling and Critical Alignment Yoga props will be used to support and inform your practice. 

Shoulder and Spine Mobility – If you have a regular practice and are looking for a new approach to strengthening and mobilizing your spine this is your gateway class. Under expert instruction and with the use of Critical Alignment Yoga props you will explore inversions, backbends and arm balances, safely and without strain. 

Movement Lab (All Levels) – Learn how to access deep lines of tension and compression in your body- These tension points redirect movement and overtime lead to injury. With the use of yoga props and expert guidance you will be invited to learn your body through slow deliberate movements and awareness. Passive relaxation techniques combined with body centred mindfulness, will lead you into common day movements with a sense of fluidity and lightness.

Open Studio Backbends (Experienced)– Practice with a group of senior students in a self paced open venue. Follow a set series of back-bending postures under individual pacing, guidance and individualized adjustments and instruction. Expect to be adjusted and supported in the whole way through your practice.

Intermediate Backbending – This is a challenging class designed to support yoga teachers and keen yoga students. We will use the Critical Alignment Props to open and bring awareness to the spine, hips and shoulders. important movement connections will be explored and seamlessly integrated into a challenging and more advanced set of back bending and spine strengthening postures.

Hips, Back and Core (All Levels and Experienced) – The hips and lower back are the focus of this class. With the use of specifically designed yoga props students will be guided through movements and yoga postures , connecting the strength of the lower back to the power and mobility of the pelvic girdle. Some core work will be explored in every class.

Hand Balancing and Hand Balancing Foundations – Start with the foundations class and gradually seguay into our 9:30 am class. Learn how to move better by using the uniquely designed critical alignment props to facilitate better alignment. In this class we will focus on mobility and strength while exploring inversions and variations with the head standing benches. These and fun and challenging classes. Some yoga experience is necessary.

Critical Alignment Restore (All Levels) – Come in and unwind. Under expert instruction you will be given the time and space to release into props to help re align your spine and breathing. Followed with gentle slow stretching and light core integration work you will leave feeling lighter, grounded and balanced.

Yoga for Backs (All Levels) – A gentle class includes myofascial ball rolling and release, critical alignment yoga and therapy props and expert instruction in how to feel your way into safe sustainable yoga postures. With 30 years of teaching and massage experience Kate will support and help all students individually on as per need basis.