Class Descriptions

Class Descriptions:

Critical Movement: is a health & fitness discipline based on the overall practice
of natural human movement skills. It was defined and popularized by Erwan Le
Corre as early as 2008. It encompasses the skills of breathing, walking,
running, balancing, crawling, climbing, lifting, carrying and throwing. Amber
combines these practical skills with gentle critical alignment prop openings to
educate and direct healthy correct movement.

Yoga For Backs: With the use of the Critical Alignment Therapy props and
specialized guided instruction, you will be led through a series of gentle spinal
mobility and strengthening work. Great for all levels of participants looking to
gain better mobility and spinal agility.

Beginner and Intermediate Flow: Different from any other flow sequence in
the city, these classes use a seamless blend of breath, movement and play on
the critical alignment therapy props. The use of these props allow participants
to experience openings in movement and begin to explore headstands and
shoulder stands safely.

Spine Strength: Explore spinal mobility and strength through yoga postures.
Learn the dynamics of back bending through entry level movements and
specialized instruction.

Intermediate and Advanced Back Bending: Once you have established a
healthy understanding of your spine and how to support sustainable
movement- you can grow a backbending practice. These ongoing classes offer
continued support for your ever changing capacity and needs. Danielle has
guided safe and fun backbending classes for over 25 years, and continues to
maintain an advanced backbending practice herself.

Feldenkrais Method: The Feldenkrais Method is an educational approach
towards functioning more efficiently and comfortably. In Feldenkrais classes,
pupils are helped to become more self-aware through paying attention to their
movements, discovering new ways to organize movements into functional
patterns, avoiding habitual sources of stress and strain. Feldenkrais students
try to proceed from merely functioning, to functioning well, without pain and
restriction of movement. Feldenkrais himself stated that his goal was, “To make
the impossible possible, the possible easy, and the easy, elegant.”

Movement Awareness Therapy: Mobility is more important than flexibility We
need strength and versatility in the way we move. With years of study behind
them, Geri, Shane and Danielle offer these classes to keep you moving.
Explore, focus and feel your way through important structural connections in
movement. Enhance your mobility, improve your posture. The goal of
Movement Awareness Therapy is to take the individual from merely functioning,
to functioning well, free of pain and restriction of movement.