Class Descriptions

Please note : ALL of our classes are based in therapeutic movement connections and instructed by qualified therapists.
Many classes at YTB are NOT yoga classes.

Critical Alignment Beginner Backbending: Explore spinal mobility and strength through yoga and critical alignment postures and openings. Begin with the neck and work your way down your back progressively on the Critical Alignment props in order to help you move and strengthen your back. Learn the dynamics of back bending through entry level movements and specialized instruction with the Critical Alignment Yoga props.

Critical Alignment Intermediate Backbending: Once you have established a healthy understanding of your spine and how to support sustainable movement- you can grow a back-bending practice. These ongoing classes offer continued support for your ever – changing capacity and needs. Danielle, has guided safe and fun back-bending classes for over 22 years, and continues to maintain an advanced back-bending practice herself. Both Intermediate.

Critical Alignment Restore: Join us for this strength and mobility focused Critical Alignment Yoga and Therapy class. We will begin on the Critical Alignment Therapy props and transition into mobility work combined with longer holds. Finish your week with this grounding movement program infused with self- awareness and discovery.

Critical Alignment Pre-Natal Yoga: With expert instruction and the use of highly specialized yoga props you will learn to sustain your movement and strength as you prepare for the amazing transition into motherhood. Learn how to breathe and center while keeping your spine and joints healthy and mobile.

Critical Alignment Yoga Beginner: Challenge yourself to experience a little strength and soul! With emphasis on alignment and strength this class is a no brainer to add to your active lifestyle. Whether you are a hiker, golfer, biker, tri–athlete or just like to be strong and active these classes will support healthy balanced movement by inviting a combination of slightly longer holds and strength work.

Critical Alignment Yoga Hand Balancing Prep: Building on its pre -requisite ‘Calm and Strong” Danielle will lead you through a flowing series of movements that invite handstand, forearm and hand-balancing movements. The focus on these classes will be to provide an ongoing platform for students to explore more difficult yoga postures on a weekly basis while considering the basic principles and connections that create the foundation for sustainable movement.

Hatha Yoga, Breath and Natural Movement: In each class we will explore postures, movements, natural alignment that create stability and draw attention to areas in need of strength and areas in need of space and stretch that are unique to each individual. Creating awareness to understand your own structure and limitations to intuitively move towards healing and stability as well as acceptance and letting go of molds that don’t serve or help you. Understanding where to focus attention in postures and which ones to modify and or avoid completely. Elements that comprise this practice. Breath exercises, Laban Bartenieff and Body Mind Centering, Dance Barre  and functional movement Principles, Pilates floor work, rolling series, Hatha, Vinyasa, Yoga Therapy, yin and restorative yoga, Zen meditation.

Restorative Yin: This class is a blend between long held yin stretches, and more supportive restorative poses to ease the mind and body. Poses will be held between 3 and 5 minutes, while your teacher guides you through mindfulness and relaxation techniques. This is a great class to balance a more active yoga practice or simply unwind after a long day. All levels welcome.

The Feldenkrais Method: The Feldenkrais method is an educational system that allows the body to move and function more efficiently and comfortably. Its goal is to re-educate the nervous system and improve motor ability. In this system pupils are taught to become aware of their movements and to become aware of how they use their bodies, thus discovering possible areas of stress and strain. The goal of Feldenkrais is to take the individual from merely functioning, to functioning well, free of pain and restriction of movement. Feldenkrais himself stated that his goal was, “To make the impossible possible, the possible easy, and the easy, elegant.”

Natural Movement: Based on current research and movement studies, these classes focus on gentle stretching an dintegrated movement patterns to ensure you are moving your body in a fully expressive and safe manner. We will focus on joint mobility, strength and flexabilty. Great for all humans!

Somatics: Soma is a Greek word for living body. Somatics classes are based in movement therapy and employ mind-body training to manage muscular pain and spasticity, improve balance and posture, and increase ease of motion. Somatics classes present an alternative treatment to ongoing osteopathy ,physical therapy, chiropractic, and/or massage therapy.

Stott Pilates / Yoga Fusion: STOTT PILATES is a contemporary approach to the traditional Pilates method that focuses on core stability (including pelvic and shoulder girdle stabilization), neutral alignment and breathing. This class combines mat STOTT PILATES with the latest core conditioning exercises and Critical Alignment Yoga in order for students to maximize on the benefits of these practices. Strength and flexibility with proper body alignment and the use of breath are the goals of this class. Props are used to support and challenge movement..

Open Advanced Studio: By invitation only- this ongoing class ( 18 years) is designed and established to allow serious yoga practitioners an opportunity to work consistently at a very advanced and serious level of asana. Class is capped to 8 participants to ensure attention and safety and is highly adjusted by Danielle Pechie.

Reclaim Your Mobility: A gentle and progressive movement integration class for people working with injury recovery or with chronic conditions. This class helps to bridge the gap from bodywork therapy treatments to whole body self-care.

Kundalini Movement: This class will be a fun and challenging end to the week. We will use a combination of the Critical Alignment hard and soft props along with dynamic kundalini inspired movement and breath to clear the dust from the week and reset. Bring an open mind and expect to move. This class is for all levels, come as you are and we will find a modification that works for your body!