Critical Alignment

As anyone who attends yoga classes these days knows it has become a quantity over quality issue in many studios.

Also because of the drop in all levels paradigm it is difficult to establish a relationship with your yoga teacher. Working with one teacher, just as you would a personal trainer will ensure optimal attention and personalized adjustments. Posture is the key to unencumbered movement , whether you are looking to improve your golf game , maintain your running edge or practice advanced asana, a private session will deliver.

It is well known that when we move our bodies, intention and will are needed. Will is connected to the easiest way for the limb to execute a movement, done repeatedly this movement pattern, if misaligned, can cause inflammation and pain. There are fabulous complexities in our simplest habitual motor patterns and movements .We are born with an initial level of overall tone which keeps our bodies from collapsing or dislocating , as we grow this tone level must gradually increase to compensate for the heavier pulls from heavier and longer limbs, ideally this tension set hovers around a compromise between stability of structure and freedom of movement.

The unique ways in which each of us learns to walk, to hunch over a book, to stand with more weight on one leg, to slump our shoulders all require muscular changes to maintain posture. So the local tone values al over the body must adjust to new base levels., tighter here to jack a shoulder up, more slack there to sag a chest, altered in another place to turn a foot outward and yet in others to balance the spine. on a twisted pelvis. Thus the musculature establishes new tone setting, new shapes and new tensions, which eventually become, our unique as a fingerprint posture.

The main purpose of Yoga Therapy & Bodywork is to help individuals learn to recognize degenerative habits. We can exert our will and use our conscious efforts to throw off destructive patterns and to develop more flexible and open ended patterns. What is needed first to begin this sort of change is awareness; awareness of the tendencies towards which our muscular habits are leading us, awareness of the local areas in our bodies that are conditioning those tendencies, and awareness of what it would feel like if our patterns were different.

These conditions and symptoms as unique as they are, will almost always go unnoticed, by the individual ,as well as ,in most cases by an instructor unless there is time and space to allow for undivided attention. Even if one does yoga regularly it is not therapeutic on a physical level due to our lack of awareness around our preference patterns. If for example you have a tight upper back or an injured or tight shoulder, you will likely be doing all of your postures with a protection pattern redirecting your movements. Areas of your body that are tight will only get tighter and parts of your body that are weak or hyper mobile will generally stay that way unless otherwise enforced and exercised.

Whether you are currently a teacher and wanting one on one advice on adjustments, movement cues, or alignment issues or you are struggling with pain or discomfort in your body during regular yoga classes, private sessions are an excellent platform to individually address specific issues.