Lindsay Leigh

Yoga Therapy & Bodywork

I started my yoga practice in 2006…originally self taught in my living room, and eventually becoming a dedicated daily self practice. Diagnosed with MS in 2002, yoga has helped me stay balanced, it has given me physical, mental and emotional strength…and Critical Alignment has taught me body awareness, Intelligent movement and has taken me past what I thought my limits and expectations were. Instantly falling in love with CAT, I decided I wanted to teach it to others and share my knowledge so I can help others push past their fears or their own personal obstacles, because we all have them it’s what you choose to do with it that really matters.

So far I have received my 200hrs from Alberta Yoga College with Rob Walker and Cathy Shea, 50hrs Anatomy, Asana and Critical Alignment Yoga Therapy with Danielle Pechie and level lV Critical Alignment Yoga Therapy with Gert van Leeuwen.