Tina Laforest

After a scoliosis diagnosis in her adolescence, along with countless trips to the doctor, chiropractor and physiotherapist, it wasn’t until her early 20’s that Tina found her way to yoga. Since she began practicing, Tina’s scoliosis-related issues have dramatically decreased. As her back pain decreased, her love and curiosity for the practice increased.


As such, Tina earned her 200 RYT certification from Yoga Therapy and Bodywork in 2017 and continues to study under Danielle Pechie and other senior instructors. Tina’s numerous years of experience as a qualified school teacher enables her to create a welcoming and safe classroom environment, provide clear instruction and demonstrate care and concern for her students.


Having recently had a baby, the healing benefits of Critical Alignment Therapy have helped to bring more balance and ease to her during her first year of motherhood. She strives to provide her students with the same balance and ease in their mind and body through proper movement, alignment and breathing techniques.