Sara Bagg

Yoga Therapy & Bodywork

I began attending Danielle’s advanced back bending course about a year and a half into a dedicated Ashtanga yoga practice, after Danielle’s recommendation that I could improve my core strength and the flexibility of my back. At the onset of my back bending journey I could never have anticipated what I was to gain by attending this weekly class. In addition to the personal attention and the camaraderie between students which are clear benefits to attending such an intimate yoga studio, Danielle is an amazingly physically aware and sensitive instructor who helped me to develop my yoga practice in terms of my strength and flexibility, but much more importantly in terms of my ability to feel peaceful and aware in my own skin. In a class which challenged me physically and also challenged my personal boundaries about what I was capable of doing, Danielle always innately knew what I was capable of — pushing me to accomplish what I thought I couldn’t while respectful of my limits. As someone who works with the human body and mind she has truly found her place. I should add that for a part of this journey I was pregnant and a new mother, and I couldn’t imagine child birth without the lessons I learned in her class.