Yoga Therapy & Bodywork

Awareness of me, my history, my body, my emotions all integrating in space & time, floated to the surface & landed on that next ‘higher up rung’ in the spiral of this life that I find myself in. While lying on Danielle’s table the tension that my muscles have been holding for 22,447.5 days+ at first resist then try in vain to go around and at last melt into the table letting go through the exquisite pain that has been mine for a lifetime to glimpse the other side if freedom in my body vehicle. I stand tall, balanced & more free than ever before…..birthing a new me! What an amazing gift. Now …to keep nurturing this state, growing & stretching into life!! Thank you Danielle for sharing your powerful healing powers with me!!! Im also grateful to myself for being brave & committed enough to reach far enough through the pain to touch the new more free self inside! A very powerful glimpse into what can be…….try it… may find another deeper piece of yourself!