Yoga for Injury or Pain

Yoga for Injury or Chronic Pain

Intelligent, mindful movement nourishes the body every bit as much as fresh, unprocessed, healthy food–it is medicine. “Why do I keep getting pain?” are words we, as body workers and health practitioners, hear almost daily. Some people, in spite of stretching, going to the gym or participating in yoga classes,continue to suffer from chronic pain.

The problem that needs to be addressed is that one’s body has patterns of moving that our conscious minds are unaware of. When you reach for something, work, stand, walk, sit,exercise or stretch you don’t consciously activate and direct every muscle over the course of that movement. Your will provides the goal but otherwise your body moves without your conscious involvement.

The correct exercise or movement intended to alleviate pain or repair an injury (as provided by physiotherapist, chiropractor, or yoga instructor) supply only a part of the process needed to adequately address the problem. To achieve a deeper and long term solution to the injury or pain one needs to learn how to, effectively, use these movements to become aware of the inappropriate movement patterns and to start consciously working with them. Without this step the maladaptive pattern (or injured area) continues to misdirect and undermine the movement or exercise intended for its correction.

Our mandate is to guide people toward healthier movement. We offer personalized programs designed to work with individual needs. We provide a venue in which to work on these programs with experienced teachers as guides, and we can incorporate and assist you with exercises provided by other health care providers. A wide range of classes is offered to help you continue expanding your repertoire, range and depth of healthy movement.

Bodywork and Yoga

We have excellent Massage Therapists, Deep Tissue Massage Therapists, and Acupuncturists on our teaching staff whose skills can also be called upon to assist with your progress. We have found that bodywork (massage or acupuncture) can be invaluable in opening particularly stubborn areas, speeding your recovery and allowing you to better utilize your program’s movements and stretches. Being involved in your program as teachers provides the practitioners with valuable information about your problem areas allowing them to work on you more effectively.